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Image Services

befor-after-camgirl-cssWant to watermark your adult images with your website domain name, brand name or logo? The watermarks do convey your ownership of the image copyright to potential users or help you track the use of your images across the vast internet landscape.
Adult entertainment website owners can choose between our visual watermark services or the imperceptible digital watermarks that nonetheless traces your images by embedding some digital information on to them. These are usually imperceptible to the human eye so users infringing on your content will not notice that your image has been copyrighted. The images will however generate some “noise” when there is a copyright violation. Usually, this will be in the form of a notice telling the user of the restrictions in the use of the image.

The CamCloud9 visual watermark service is however visible and can be easily seen by potential copyright violators. Visual watermarks are applied on the images as semi transparent layers. The visual watermarks make it virtually impossible for others to copy or reproduce your adult content without your semi-transparent watermark.